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Duke MBB set for legendary season?

Duke Men's Basketball has been a dominant force since the beginning of the 2018 college basketball season, with some major performances against solid competition. With the addition of four of the top recruits of the 2018 class, the Blue Devils have the potential to go undefeated on the season.

One of the biggest additions this year to Duke’s Basketball team is R.J Barrett a 6’7" shooting guard hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Barrett was the No. 1 recruit coming into the 2018 college basketball season. Barrett’s athleticism and IQ of the game are top notch even as a freshman. He is an all-around solid basketball player, he can pull up from deep and drain the three ball or he can drive you to the rim with his brute strength. And let’s not forget his lockdown defensive play on the other side of the ball.

If you have never heard Zion Williamson name, you don’t live on planet Earth. This 6’6" South Carolina native has had the media going crazy for over a year now with his explosiveness and dominance on the court. Zion Williamson is said to be the next superstar, ala the NBA's LeBron James. His athleticism and spectacular arsenal of attacking the rim with out of this world dunks has established this young man as a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

The third horseman to this spectacular Duke team is the relentless scorer, Cam Reddish, a 6’7" small forward from Pennsylvania. Reddish if a deadeye shooter from anywhere on the court. His pure scoring attitude allows him to heat up at any point of a game and not cool until the last second trickles off the clock.

The heading spear of this Duke team and frequently overlooked member is a 6’2 guard coming out of Minnesota, Tre Jones. Jones is a top tier leading point guard creating opportunities for his teammates and finishing plays himself. Jones has the IQ of a NBA guard and shows it on the court. He can score from all angles of the rim and dish the ball like Steve Nash in his prime.

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