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University of Michigan Football

Over the past couple of years the University of Michigan’s offense has struggled. Even with huge weapons like Jabrill Peppers in 2017, Michigan had a lot of heartbreaking losses. This, in my opinion, was due to the below average and unreliable contribution from the quarterback spot.

With the addition of a new coach and alumni Jim Harbaugh he has made big moves to solve this problem and he has solved it in his decision to bring in junior quarterback Shea Patterson, a transfer from Ole Miss University. But, the quarterback is not the only contributor on the offense with the breakout star sophomore receiver Donovan Peoples-Jones accompanied with two more play-making sophomores, Nico Collins, and Tarik Black.

Unlike the offense, the Wolverine defensive has been strong for years. Without question this is due to the addition of Don Brown as the defensive coordinator. The attention to detail in every move the defense makes, makes them a lethal force no matter who is on the field. Every player has a job to do and that is exactly how they do and it shows.

Michigan’s defense has been among the top ranking defenses in College Football for multiple years and I don’t see that changing soon, at least as long as Brown is around. They are known for their relentless pass rushers and speed from everywhere on the field. The reason Michigan holds teams to the lowest amount of yards in the country is because nobody can outrun them, they have players with top notch speed at every position on the field

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