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ASK DJ DEEJ: Midterm Grades

Dear DJ Deej,

We just got our midterm grades back, and I'm scared to tell my mom. I haven't failed anything, but I do have a few Cs. I'm scared of telling her because she's the one paying for my education, Should I tell her or no?


Dear KittyKat123,

I totally understand your situation. Many of my friends are nervous about telling their parents about their midterm grades. First off: yes, tell your mom about your grades. She is paying for your school, so she will find out anyways, but it's better coming from you. I suggest scheduling tutoring sessions to get those grades up before finals. Tutoring has helped me with writing so much! I also have study groups with friends, and we work on homework together, and help each other out. Hopefully the second half of this semester is going fantastic for you, and good luck!

Thanks for writing in,


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