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ASK DJ DEEJ: Freshman 15?

Dear DJ Deej,

I'm a freshman at Olivet College, and I've been eating the food at the KC for every meal, for about a month. I didn't think that the Freshman 15 thing was true, but it's already affecting me. I'm gaining weight! I want to stay fit for as long as possible. How can I keep this weight off?



Dear AM123,

Thank you for writing in. I personally was struggling with the freshman 15 for the first month of school. It can be hard to always choose healthy options in the KC, so I feel ya! What I have been doing works great, but isn't cost efficient on my part, but my family is happy to help. I have been buying berries and eating yogurt and granola, a banana, a glass of milk, and a Bolthouse berry smoothie every morning. It helps me a lot staying full and having energy through the day. I eat plenty of greens and chick peas for lunch, then a hearty dinner with meat and more veggies. It's always good to treat yourself, so I usually have a cookie or ice cream. I think you should try this, and I think it will help. I hope this helps!

Thanks for writing in again

DJ Deej

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