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ASK DJ DEEJ: Coming Out?

Dear DJ Deej,

I've heard about the GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) organization on campus called Common Ground. I really want to attend. The only problem is that I haven't come out to any of my friends here on campus. I know that there are hella rumors going around, and everyone is already assuming I'm gay. I don't know whether to come to the GSA meeting on Wednesday before my official coming out, or to tell everyone before I go. What advice would you give me?

Sincerely Rainbowlover

Dear Rainbowlover,

I totally understand your situation. I didn’t come out until my sophomore in high school. There were many years I wanted to attend my middle school and high schools GSA. I didn’t end up going to GSA until this year when I needed to take pictures for an event. I absolutely loved the atmosphere in the room, and I was very interested in what they were planning; which was the Coming Out Day event. I attended every group meeting since, and I was even voted Vice President! I think if you aren't ready to come out, then don’t, but still come to group because everything is confidential. Nothing personal leaves the room. If you ever need anything, email me at or talk to me after group.

Thanks for writing in,

DJ Deej

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