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Life is Crazy; They’re Crazier

My freshman year of college I met my two best friends: Ashton Osborne and Katie Priest.

Meeting them changed my college experience. I met them on the first day of band camp which was August 21, 2016. I was worried that because I didn’t know anyone I was going to be alone. After Professor Duby did the introduction about being a Marching Comet we split up into our sections: winds, brass, drumline and color guard (that’s me).

The color guard went outside to Blair lawn and started by sitting down and really just talking to try and get to know a little bit about each other. Well, Ashton and Katie were also a part of the color guard. First impressions happen all the time and this specific time I had made assumptions on what kind of people they were. I thought Katie was going to be a know it all who always proved people wrong. I thought Ashton was more a “no one messes with me” kind of person. Needless to say, I couldn’t have been more wrong. We instantly clicked at band camp after I put my judgements aside (which wasn’t long after I made them). Getting to know them more post band camp we became inseparable. It got to the point where people would stop us and ask where the missing third was at.

I don’t want to know what college would have been like without them. We have been through a lot these past 3 years. We have had our fair share of arguments, helped each other through break ups, had hard conversations with each other and I wouldn’t trade this type of friendship for the world. To think that we became friends and so close in a matter of a few days is crazy to think about. Freshman year we all had different rooms in Dole and we had slumber parties in my room, we had cry sessions at 3 a.m. and we talk about anything and everything. This year we are all juniors and still as close as ever.

We're still in the band together, we all pledged Alpha E, we still have cry sessions, we still have some stressful conversations but, even though our schedules could not be more different we refuse to lose our bond. I know that at any time, if I need something they will be there for me no matter what the circumstances are.

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