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Three Things I've Learned from WOCR

The radio station can be a different experience for everyone. For some, the station can be a place of creativity, for others, it can be a place for someone to gain their voice and be able to practice speaking. WOCR can help students in numerous ways and the ideas and skills learned at the station benefit students in a lot of ways. Over my time at WOCR, I have learned multiple skills but three stand out. The first lesson that stands out is being confident. When a student has a show, they need to speak clearly and confidently on air when discussing anything from weather to the station tag. Confidence is needed to have a show where there is a large amount of speaking in order to stay away from dead air. The second skill I learned with WOCR was to project ideas. During staff meetings, if I have an idea that I think would work well for the website or a social media page, I would bring it up there for others to hear my ideas and see reactions to them. Also, if the ideas needed help or tinkering, I would have like-minded people around to improve the thought. The last skill I learned with WOCR was to be myself. The radio station has a vast amount of shows and different personalities. These differences are what make the station unique and fun. Without all of our personalities, WOCR would not be the same. I enjoy that I can be myself during a radio show or use my own learned knowledge to aid someone.

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