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OC Dogs

Olivet is a small college-based town and is home to mainly college students. However, what people don’t know is that there are also about 20 dogs living on this campus with college students. There is Peso, Beam, Lillo, Mya, Emmy, Kodak, and Dimond which are all Pitbull’s. Then there is Cali a pocket Pitbull, Bear who is a lab, King who is a beagle mix, Scout who is a beagle, Aspen who is a German Shepheard mix, and several other dogs that I have had yet to meet.

Most of these dogs live in Greek houses. This gives them freedom to run, play, and not have to be stuck in a small space or small dorm rooms. Psy Chi recently put on a puppy play date where a lot of the dogs got together in the towns square to play. The turnout was great, and the best part is that all the dogs where friendly and very well behaved. Most of these dogs, are just that, they are dogs. However, one dog stands apart from the others. This dog is King. His owner is Alissa Belcastro and the two of them live in Nu Gamma Xi. King is currently a registered therapy dog. This allows him to live on campus for free, go on planes for free, and be allowed in certain areas that most dogs can’t go. King knows when someone is upset, in which, he will cuddle with them. He is a very loving dog and has the sweetest looking face.

If you are ever in Olivet and want to stop by the campus you might find yourself surrounded by dogs. If you have a fear of dogs or have allergies, then you might want to stay away from the dogs. However, all of Olivet dogs are sweet loving and very fun to be around.

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