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Greek Week

During the week of April 9th – 13th , Olivet’s sororities and fraternities had their very own Greek week. All of the events were planned by members of the ISC board.

The week was supposed to start off with a scavenger hunt, but the weather wasn’t what we expected it to be. Therefore, the very first event was the Greek dinner. Each house cooked or bought something to the dinner and we all enjoyed each other’s company together.

On Wednesday we hosted a Greek probate in Upton Gym. Each house introduced their new bloods from pledge class 2018 and performed a chant or step.

The next event was the Greek games. The games were only for the new pledge classes to participate. The games included tug-of- war, a sack race, and the three-legged race.

Lastly was the all Greek party at Adelphic’s house. The party started at 10 p.m. and only Greeks were allowed. Everyone had a great time and Greek week was amazing. There are times like this

when I believe joining a sorority was one of my best decisions.

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