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Time Management is a Life Skill

Hey OC! If you didn’t know, I have been getting a lot of projects for school. A week or so ago, I made a post on group projects offering some tips to help make them more enjoyable for everyone, but I want to expand on a topic that I think is an important.

Time management is something that is needed in day to day life. For example, before going to class, there is a lot that needs to happen beforehand. One needs to get up to their alarm, get ready for the day, grab something to eat, and head to class. Now not everyone will need a certain amount of time and that’s ok! You know how much time you need to get ready. If you sleep in on accident and then have less time than what you normally have, unfortunately there will be some repercussions. A step in your routine might have to be skipped, or in an emergency case, it’s just roll out of bed and get to class ASAP.

Time management is an important skill to understand and master. Developing good habits now will definitely pay off in the long run. This skill is imperative when it comes to projects, because at times students get into the mindset that “they have so much time to work on it,” and then out of nowhere, it’s the day before whatever you’re doing is due and nothing is started! Don’t allow procrastination to get the best of you! If you are involved in a group project, sit down with your group and delegate who does what part, and look at a calendar so that everyone is on the same page. Keeping your due date in mind will help! If it is an individual project, sit down with either

a planner or a blank calendar, and sort out what will be done by what day. Breaking up the project into smaller pieces will save yourself a massive headache later on. I know procrastination has gotten to the best of me, and the night before I am just stressed and overwhelmed. Save yourself the hassle of that all-nighter and plan it out!

So yeah! That is my spiel :) I say this as not only advice to others, but as a reminder to myself to keep time management in mind. Until next time Olivet!

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