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Adding a Major/Minor

What’s up Olivet!? This week I want to talk about the possibilities of adding another major or adding a minor! Now this is something that has been on my mind since the first time Art Seminar met up this semester. Since it was the beginning of the semester, everyone was going around stating their name, year, and major(s)/minor(s). The standard type of dialogue for a “first day of class” type of conversation, so everyone can get to know each other at least a little bit. After those introductions I started to think if I would want to add a major or minor to what I am already doing. Currently my major is Pre-Art Therapy, which is one of the Dual Discipline majors that the Art Department has. This means that I study mainly Art and Psychology! I really enjoy taking studio classes, and I miss not having the traditional studio class this semester. I think that you guys could pick up on the fact that I really enjoyed my painting class last semester, so I went to research on if a minor in painting was possible.

I went to the Olivet College website and searched for majors and minors offered at the college. I found what my major is (Pre-Art Therapy) and reviewed the credentials for that major. Then I looked at a Visual Arts major and minor to see what courses were involved in those. To my surprise I had all but one class scheduled in my academic plan that would then be a Visual Arts Major. I reviewed my academic plan again, talked with my parents, friends, and my academic advisor before coming to a conclusion on what I would want to do. I am happy to share that I have re-declared my major, or should I say majors! I am now majoring in Pre-Art Therapy and

Visual Arts with a concentration in Studio Art!! The process was very easy, and I appreciate the support that people have given me for this!

I encourage other students, that if they have interests in multiple areas, to see if it is possible to add a minor or major to your mix. I know that for some majors here at Olivet College, it can be beneficial to have a minor that will assist with it. Look over your academic plan that lays out your four or five years here and see if those additions are possible! You can find out all of the information about majors and minors on the Olivet College website.

I am very excited about my decision and I wanted to share! Later OC Nation!

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