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Sophomore Tips

How’s it hanging Olivet?! Last year when I was a freshman, I gave out some freshman tips, so I thought it would be cool to do a sophomore tips post, because I have learned more over the course of being here at Olivet!

First piece of advice comes with some explaining. I know that when you are a freshman, the biggest thing is finding your group of people, which makes total sense! You get to college and you may know a few people, but not a whole lot. So, you want to find that group of people to count on and call friends. It’s important to maintain those friendships that you have made during your first year, but I would encourage you to still get to know more people on campus! This past year I have gotten to meet not only incoming students, but a lot of people from varying grades and majors. Just like how you wanted to make connections your first year, it’s important to still get to know people! This is a smaller college campus, and after a while, even if you do not know the person’s name, it is very common to recognize their face. Why not get to know them?! This next one is more for the beginning of the year, but welcome the freshman! We were just in their shoes, so we of all people know an idea of what is going through their heads. Talk with them, get to know them because they may become one of your best friends! Plus, if you are in Greek life, these people could become your brothers and sisters.

Next, if you took a backseat for your first year for clubs and organizations, now is the time to explore and see what is out there! Last year my intent was to try and take things easy as I was adjusting to college, but for me, being busy and involved is something that I have always done, ever since I was in elementary school. I know that it is not for everyone and at times people want to make sure that they have a good foundation before getting involved too much. Check out the clubs that the school offers or even see what campus jobs are available!

Another important factor about going to school is to maintain those grades! Create a study table with some buddies, meet up with your professors, and master the skill of time management. Keeping up those grades throughout your college years is key!

Lastly, college is a wonderful time and you learn a lot about yourself! It is important that during this time of self-discovery that you also take care of yourself! Whether you have a cold and need to get medicine, or if you need to take a mental health day, it is more than fine! Self-care is essential, and if often overlooked. I know for me this year, I have been making a really big effort to take care of both my mental and physical health more than I did last year. It’s a good habit to get into.

And there are some sophomore tips for ya! Hope this helps, until next time OC!

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