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Why Olivet?

By Sidney McIntosh

I think sometimes people wonder why we picked such a small school, or what really made students come and stay here. I also think sometimes students wonder why this school, but you know that special thing that those professors talk about, or those certain students and alumni. That special thing Olivet offers you that nowhere else does. I found it and I think if others look and try hard enough they would find it as well.

Why Olivet? You may ask. In my head, I think Why not Olivet? Olivet gives you this at home feel. The people on this campus give you a feeling that you won't get anywhere else. At other colleges and universities, you would be a number and here you’re a student. Each professor wants to know you and wants to see you succeed. I think we are lucky to have the professors that we do. I would rather have a professor that knows my name and puts in extra work to help me succeed than be a random stranger to my professor. Also being able to know your classmates I think is really special. You won't be able to walk around without seeing somebody you know, which is better than not knowing them.

All the opportunity’s that we are given at Olivet is really awesome as well. I would never get to be on the radio or writing for the newspaper as a freshman. The hands-on action you get starts as a freshman and ends as a senior. You’re getting way more experience than others at bigger universities because here at Olivet your able to get involved super early on. The same goes for clubs and sports, yes its smaller and smaller divisions but you get involved and get playing time younger. Sports here are really special also because everyone here playing a sport is here because they love the sport, which makes it that much more fun.

Overall the opportunities, financial help, friends, and memories made here are really special and if you put your heart into Olivet, I promise it won't disappoint you.

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