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Puppy Play Date Helps Students De-Stress

By Brandi Schonter, Sidney McIntosh

Who doesn’t love playing with dogs, especially right before exams? On Wednesday, Nov. 13 the Psych Club held its 3rd annual Puppy Play Date.

The President of the Psych Club Marissa Pritchard is always excited to help run this event.

“We started it my freshman year. It was going on before I got here around 2014 or 2015 but it quit, and I brought it back freshman year. We do it to help relieve stress. We usually do it around finals or close to finals to help relieve stress. And everyone loves puppies. So why not?” Pritchard said.

The turnout of the event was great, full of different breeds of dogs, and many excited students filed into the gym. One of those students was Jesmarie Mateo. Mateo was one of many students who brought their dogs to this event.

“I like coming to this event because it's just a bunch of dogs and who doesn't want to be around a bunch of dogs, and I have Arrow (her dog), so he enjoys the event. It's really helpful for him to get out of the room and meet a bunch of other dogs on campus," Mateo said.

For all information Olivet, be sure to stay tuned into W-O-C-R 89.1 The One.

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