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Psych Club Offers Thanksgiving Thank Yous

By Zak Evans

Last week, The Olivet College Psych club held a fundraiser called, Thanksgiving Thank You's. The time of year has arrived, where friends and family gather around the table to celebrate each other’s presence, by living in the moment. Here in Olivet, students had the opportunity to write a quick note to a loved one, such as a friend, family or faculty member with free delivery to a specific location of the individual’s choosing included, and it was all for just $1.

The Psych Club’s fundraiser took place all of last week in the Mott lobby. Nicole Knapp, member of The Olivet College Psych Club said, “Thanksgiving Thank You's is just about giving back to your friends, professors, and just people you know who you are thankful for, and who maybe help you throughout the semester.”

You may be wondering what The Olivet College Psych Club is even about, and if you are pondering over the many possibilities, you are in luck, because sophomore and member of the club, Kaylee Clothier told WOCR News that the majority of their efforts go towards, “Fundraisers and events for mental health awareness, and just reaching out to [the] community.”

Marissa Pritchard serves as the president of Psych Club, and is readily available to any interested student by email at

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