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College Night at the Lamplighter

By Chris Long

Once a month the Olivet College office of student engagement puts on a college night at the Lamplighter. The event includes a free drink and appetizers available for the students, as well as drink specials for those of drinking age.

In a small college town like Olivet there isn't always a ton to do. So as student engagement employee and OC senior Myra Jones explained, the event gives students a chance to get away from their schoolwork and unwind.

“College night is for students of Olivet college to unwind during the week...Come out and have free drinks, free food, listen to music and just get that week’s stress out of the way," Jones said.

The Tuesday night event had quite the turnout, with students belonging to all different organizations on campus coming out and enjoying their night. From sorority members to student athletes, there was plenty of students at the Lamp.

“Just wanted to see friends I haven’t seen in a while around campus and kind of talk to them...Just to get everyone together at one time, hangout, and have a drink or two," senior Tyler Nolan said.

College night will take place at the Lamplighter every second Tuesday of each month, so, unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until next semester to enjoy your free drink and appetizer.

But feel free to check online and see what other student events are going on weekly on the Olivet College website.

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