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Anime on the Rise

By Chris Long

Anime is the Japanese term of animation and that has been an increasingly growing platform for people of all ages. In fact it is stated that 10-100 million people search up anime related topics monthly and the number keeps growing as 44% of people like anime.

The well-known and popular “image” show are Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, One Piece and even Yu-Gi-Oh. Those are shows that aren’t necessarily the best plot and storyline related shows but what makes them top tier is that exciting feeling, memorable lines and scenes the show gives off.

The “image” type of anime has impacted the viewer to the point that people are imitating the scenes, clothing, slang and names of the characters in the shows. Most people who haven’t even seen the shows have heard of the iconic line and phrases from the show. For example the show Dragon Ball Z is known for “Super Saiyan” and the classic line of “It’s over 9’000!”. Anime has even made appearance into movies, clothing, and as well as music lyrics.

Although the “image” type anime shows are the most known and popular, the shows mentioned before aren’t in the top 80 in shows (According to

Although DBZ (Dragon Ball Z) is my personal favorite the show isn’t favored for it's in-depth and on-edge storyline compared to the #1 anime show Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood because of its action packed and emotional connected storyline giving it the number one spot.

Anime as a whole has been popular but in today's society with the addition of new and advancing technology the popularity continues to grow.

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