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ASK DJ DEEJ: Friendzone or Nah?


My mom's coworker has a son, he goes to MSU. He doesn’t have many friends. My assignment was to be friends with him. So, I started talking to him on Snapchat, and I figured out he was clingy. I've been talking to him for a couple day, and he seems decent. My dad lives in Lansing, and I'm going to see him and MSU is in Lansing, so I asked this dude if he wants to hang. I don’t know if I want to friendzone him, or if I'm interested in a relationship.

Sincerely OHMeRGOt

Dear OHMeRGOt,

You sound like a very nice friend! I'm proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone and making new friends. I think that you should talk to him for a little while longer before you start a relationship with him. When you meet him, just hang as friends and get to know each other. After that, if you like them, keep talking and go on from that. It's very important to not rush into a relationship, so make sure he is the one before you start it. If he's not, you can have another close friend! Hopefully everything goes well!

Thanks for writing in,


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