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US Soccer Women's National Team

Christen Press has been a big name in woman’s soccer since she played at the university of Stanford. Press is not new to success, in her career she has won multiple championships. With all the early success Press had in her career she has also had her struggles. When she graduated college she found herself playing for a club team that unfortunately didn’t last and she found herself unemployed and needing a job. She took a job playing for a club team in Sweden overseas. As she played there she felt that her dream to play for the USWNT was out of sight so she did all she could to become a star in Sweden and she did in 2012 becoming the 2nd leading scorer in her league. Because of this, the chatter of her success made its way to the ears of the USWNT and she soon found herself living out her dream and being one of the big faces of the team.

As probably the most famous player for the USWNT, Alex Morgan has made her way to stardom starting in college becoming the third all-time scorer that California Berkeley and earning a spot on the USWNT starting lineup with a breakout performance in the women’s World Cup and ranking in third for the most scoring in U.S history with 28 goals and 21 assists to lead the USWNT to multiple cup titles.

If you follow soccer in the U.S you know the last name Wambach. Abby Wambach has been one of the most dominant players to ever play on the USWNT. She is a pure scorer and the opposing team can’t do anything to stop her when she’s on her way to the goal. With 255 caps and 184 goals for the USWNT she has put her name in the books as one of the most dangerous scorers on the world and holds the all-time international scoring record.

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