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Why I Enjoy Being on the Radio

I enjoy being on the radio at WOCR for a number of reasons.

First, I love listening to music. Since a young age, I found myself listening to some form of music. I remember loathing waking up early for school and dreaded the second I heard "time to go" from Mom, but the brief enjoyment received from being up in the morning came from the MTV channel. I found music videos entertaining across every genre and gained an interest for Hip-Hop and R&B music, especially. I enjoyed the music I grew up with and used that to find new artists and genres I listen to today.

Second, I enjoy communicating with others. I like tailoring a show to what people like to listen to and hearing their feedback. I've had numerous people who communicate with me via social media to express what songs they would like to hear and what skits and conversations they find humorous.

The last reason I enjoy being on the radio is because it is fun! From having shows with my Fraternity brothers, to having friends across the state listen in, I have a good time when I am on air at WOCR and glad I gained the skills I have in the multiple semesters I have been a part of the group.

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