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Thoughts on The Next Day by David Bowie

I love David Bowie. Everyone should find some kind of love for Bowie in their lives. Personally, I haven't been able to fully listened to Bowie's full stock of albums. In fact, there was one album that alluded me for quite some time now. That is the penultimate album "The Next Day" an album that reuses the iconic "Heroes" artwork and just slaps a big sticker on it and calls itself art. This isn't a full review but rather thoughts, interruption, and ideas that have been spawned by "The Next Day."

To call "The Next Day" a "Heroes" knock off would be a bit of an understatement however. “The Next Day” begins with the title track “The Next Day” a track that wants to lay the foundation and tone for the whole package. “The Next Day” contains references to several biblical passages and shows an oddly spiritual side to Bowie. Bowie goes on to reference riots, doomsday and the hypocritical side of humanity. “The Next Day” shows a jaded side to Bowie at least in my interruption. It can't be that dark can it?

Immediately after we get “Dirty Boys” this shows off the darker side of the album. The use of chaotic hits and very dark tones show a very crisis like situation to Bowie’s consciousness. Then comes the highlight of the album “The Stars are out Tonight.” "The Stars are out Tonight" is a lot of the good gooey Bowie goodness that stands out along side many other of Bowie's classics. Seriously, why "The Stars are out Tonight" isn't mentioned along side, "Ziggy Stardust," "Space Oddity" or "Heroes" I will never understand. The idea of stars and fading fame leading to a shallow existence is really tragic and sad, but Bowie lands an amazing performance that comes out as a bittersweet salute.

"Love is Lost" shows off Bowie's darker side "The Next Day." On a personal note, "Love is Lost" makes me feel an intense sadness and discomfort that very few mediums can provide. This song is very haunting.

Skipping some song for another better song comes "Valentine's Day" another worthy addition to Bowie's long legendary cast of songs. "Valentine's Day" just seems to tell a sad story of a poor underdog child that just makes me feel so sympathetic.

Hold on.


I just reread the lyrics when writing this and realized that the song is about a school shooting.

Thanks Bowie I'm sad now.

The album begins to step down more and more into darker and darker themes and ideas.

Thanks Bowie.

I'm done talking about this album now.

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