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What coronavirus taught me

I never in a million years thought that Olivet College would close classes and I never in a million years thought a huge pandemic like this would take place. Its always something you hear about in movies, but never really think would or could happen to you during your life. Something so crazy to me is knowing I’m living through something that one day my kids will read in their history books. The coronavirus started in China and I remember being in seminar and us as a class talking about it and how scary it is, during that time of course we had no idea it would soon be approaching the United States and the whole world. I remember it was right when spring break was coming to and end and one night I went to bed thinking I’d be back with my sisters, friends, cheer team and back in my classes in a few days. I woke up one morning hearing that the virus has hit the United States and is spreading so fast. Michigan was one of the hardest states hit and after that everything changed. Olivet closed campus for two weeks after spring break, but soon after closed campus for the semester. Although the world is under a huge pandemic and still has no cure there are a few things Ive learned since the coronavirus.

1. You never know when your last will be. The virus reminded myself and I believe a lot of others that we truly never know when the last time you see someone will be. You don’t realize that one day your life can be normal and the next everything changes. 2. Be thankful for the little things. You never thought you needed toilet paper and water like you do until you go to the store and its sold out. You don’t realize how awesome it is to have face to face classes and your professor in the room with you until you don’t have any of that anymore. Things you take for granted everyday you will no longer take for granted because you know what life is like without it. 3. Family and Friends are the most important. Over this time of being quarantined I haven’t been able to see any of my family and barely any friends. Not being able to see my family is extremely hard during a time like this. My family members suffer from cancer and bad immune systems so it’s safer to be away from them which hasn’t been easy. Overall, we have learned form this, we have grown from this and we will come back better and stronger because of this. I believe sometimes we get really caught up in the world and don’t realize how lucky we really are.

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