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Spring of 2020 is wack. I am back home in Troy, Michigan with my family and my large collection of Legos. As per the rules, I spend my days indoors avoiding all human contact. I left my house once, and it was to buy a nice new gaming mouse since I spend the majority of my days on my computer. I have my streaming computer set up and can stream, but much like everything else in life, any form of schedule has disappeared. Not having physical classes means I can do what I want at almost any time of the day that I wish. Therefore, streams have sadly grown sporadic due to general lack of productiveness. But with school work crawling to a close, I fully intend on taking advantage of this quarantine to focus on streaming. What better time to gain subscribers than when everyone is trapped at home with nothing to do? So although I am taking it easy on streaming right now due to the stress of school, once I get through it, I will be doing longer and more frequent streams.

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