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Olivet College Gospel choir: words from a member

The day i decided to attend Olivet College was the day i was offered a scholarship. many thoughts ran through my head. "This is my future, i have to make a decision." My life was leaning towards college even before I chose where to go.

I had a few options. there was a community college where almost everyone was accepted. Lansing Community College in Lansing, Michigan. Did i want to go there? for a long time that the plan. Everything was keen until i realized I was leaving one thing behind. My passion for music.

May comes along, and I have to make a decision soon. Another college came along. Central State University, an HBCU in Wilberforce, Ohio. I was offered a Choir scholarship to sing in their Chorus. Yay! a place I could expand vocally as well as educationally. Long story short, I wasn't comfortable moving four hours away for school. Respect to anyone who can.

Fast forward, and I have been accepted to Olivet College. Before I applied, I reached out to Olivet College's Gospel Choir. La'Rae M. Trice, the director responded and wanted to meet with me right away. I auditioned and harmonized with her, as those were the requirements. at the end, she saw potential and believed in me.

Through the first semester, it was a bit of a culture and vocal shock, I've never sung out of my range like this, the other Tenors, Sopranos, and Altos that were probably in the same situation as me. Ms. La'Rae took us under her wing, taught us how to belt, how to sing together and sound connected. she showed us the power of a choir and the power of our individual vocal power. Ever since, we've performed all over Michigan. crowds big and small.

Thank you to the OCGC and Director La'Rae Trice for giving me a chance. i'm now stronger vocally than ever before.

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