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Candy-Coated Criminal Justice

I decided at the age of seven that I wanted to enter the field of criminal justice, starting out with the belief that I wanted to work in the forensics division of a police department. But as I grew older, I moved towards pursuing a career as a police officer. Once I told my family this realization, I saw the shock and worry in their eyes, and nothing I could say reassured them that I knew what I was going into.

However, now as I near the end of my studies, I can see the pride in their eyes. I know their fear stemmed from the idea of their little sister, niece, and granddaughter becoming an armed officer of the law who is placed in danger on a daily basis, but I am grateful for their growing pride and confidence in me. I appreciate their support more than anything in the world.

I knew I wanted to attend college before entering the field, but I was uncertain of where to go for college, so I began my research and discovered Olivet College. I was incredibly interested but did not see how coming to Olivet would be possible and was uncertain of being away from home. However, with the encouragement of family and friends, I met with the admissions representative who came to my high school and he convinced me that Olivet College’s criminal justice program was the best place for me to study.

As I toured campus a few months later, I was introduced to Dr. Armstrong and Professor Reed; who further convinced me this is where I needed to be as they did not hold back with questions and the realities of the studies would take me following graduation. I truly love the criminal justice program here as the professors will share their stories with you without taking away the parts that made their career difficult or stressful; they leave every detail in the stories so you know exactly what path your career can take you down. As criminal justice students, we are consistently reminded of the potential hardships, but also how rewarding the career will be once we hit retirement. I do believe that criminal justice should not be candy-coated by anyone, you cannot ignore or avoid the realities of the field, the hardships and the constant stress.

I will admit that I have my own worries about entering the field, but none of these worries have caused me to doubt myself or my education. I have wanted nothing more than to be in the criminal justice field since age seven and I can imagine my future, I have no doubt that once I am in it that I will love it. I will forever be thankful for their admittance to the possible hardships and the support they provide to every student.

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