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The Lions Need to Change

The Detroit Lions haven’t had the ideal season I would expect with the new head coach pickup they got in the offseason in Matt Patricia.

I, from a fan's point of view, feel that the organization has made many mistakes and I don’t like what we've been doing with all the star players we get.

The Lions have let Golden Tate, a Pro Bowl receiver, go and in my opinion it wasn’t smart. I feel they need to change their offensive scheme because it is too basic and Matthew Stafford needs help. He can’t win by himself!

The Lions recently got LeGarrette Blount but he really hasn’t got going because of the offensive line and how weak their offensive scheme is.

I don’t see the Lions making the playoffs this year and I’m really expecting more from them and their new head coach. Their current record right now is 4-7 and they are last in the NFC North and I don’t think it is any way they can catch up to make the playoffs.

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