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Out of Darkness Walk

Just this past weekend, the marching band and the psychology department hosted an Out of Darkness Walk. The walk was put together through the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) to encourage the discussion of how to prevent suicide and to raise funds to get more resources on Olivet colleges campus to keep suicide from happening.

Due to the skies opening up, most of the festivities were moved inside of Upton gym. The morning started off with a bunch of booths that people could visit. There was a rock painting station where people cold paint rocks that would be placed along the walking trail. There was also a place where you could leave a message of hope on a chalk board and a photo booth. There was a booth that people could buy AFSP merchandise and an information booth where people get information on the AFSP and information on where to get help if they know someone they know needs help. Along with all of that, WOCR was also there playing music when the marching band or when Stingray 5000, a band made of mostly other Olivet students, was not playing.

After the opening ceremony, the marching band made a tunnel to serenade the walkers as they started the walk. While very wet, most walkers were still in a very good mood. Everyone went on one of the two routes, either the 1.5 mile or the 3 miles. Once back, people were able to enjoy more of the booths before the closing ceremony. The closing ceremony compared blowing our lives to bubbles. The bubble may struggle at first, but once they leave the wand, they can change and grow, just like how a single life can make such a difference.

The walk was a lot of fun even with all of the rain. I honestly had a lot of fun and I hope that if there is one next year it will have a even better turn out…and dryer weather.

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