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Mr. OC Again (Again)

My experience here in Olivet College has been filled with so many different challenges and trials, but the Mr. Olivet competition has allowed me to share my personal thoughts and talents with the school. Every year the Mr. Olivet competition happens and I love the reaction I get and how much I am able to help the people in the audience. 2016 was the first time that I was able to read my first poem out loud to people and, to be honest, I wasn’t ready.

15 minutes before the show, I finally finished my poem. I know this isn’t the best strategy but I’m the type of guy to “wing it”….. Just like I did the following year where I didn’t write anything down. I just went out and performed.

This year though, I wanted to try something different and actually work on my craft. I felt obligated to work on my craft and give Olivet a show worth coming to. My message this year would be to open out yourself and don’t be afraid to find who you truly are no matter of how the world may see you. Free your mind, and your heart. Let the world see you're vulnerable so you can fight your weaknesses.

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