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The Power of Throwback Music

Hey whatsup WOCR listeners and readers it's DJ Sid Mac here and today I want to talk to you all on the power of throwback music! So I'm on the radio every Tuesday from 12-1:30 P.M and I really try to focus on playing a lot of throwback music and old hits. I do that because I believe it brings a kind of joy and happiness that a lot of other things can't do, you have to admit when you hear a song that you used to listed to as a child it makes you so happy and brings back thousands of memories. I find it really special when you hear an old song and that song can bring you back to a memory that you once lived, and that memory can be something so special to you and how amazing is it to relive that memory! That song can bring you so much joy and you get to sing it again, remembering all that the song once gave you. I also love playing throwback music because I like to show listeners different artist, genres, and what used to be popular back in the day. I love hearing a song by an artist that is still producing music to this day and playing there music that they started off with is really cool because you get to hear what they used to sound like compared to what they sound like today. I also play throwback music because it's something different and I'm sure a lot of listeners hear today's hits a lot and I think sometimes it's good to play some of the old hits, it keeps the artist alive and it might open you up to a new artist that you've never heard of and now they can be one of your new favorite artist. I think it's something really special to play an old hit and the listener turns it up to the loudest their speaker can go and then they get to belch the lyrics as loud as possible and get to relive a song that makes them smile and sing! So that's why I love throwback music and why I think it's something really special, so please listen to my shows on Tuesdays from 12-1:30 to hear some old and great hits from all different decades!! Thanks for reading!

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